The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast

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  • Allan Lichtman: 'Big Dilemma For Hillary Clinton On Economy'
    Sep 26, '16
  • Ben Crenshaw: 'America Has Lost Their Traditional Way; 'The King' Of Golf Will Truly Be Missed'
    Sep 26, '16
  • Ed Rollins: 'Riots In Charlotte Help Trump'
    Sep 22, '16
  • Gov. Christie: 'Hillary Has No Experience In Law-Enforcement Except Being Interviewed By Them; She's A Disgrace'
    Sep 21, '16
  • Grover Norquist: 'The Only Limit To Hillary Is Her Imagination & Liberal Elites'
    Sep 21, '16
  • McCaul: Will Not Rule Out Primarying Cruz: 'It's Unconscionable Republicans Will Sit On The Sidelines'
    Sep 20, '16
  • Newly-named Trump Texas Chairman Dan Patrick talks about his new gig
    Sep 19, '16
  • Pat Caddell wishes $5 polls were real, discusses Trump's rise in the polls
    Sep 19, '16
  • Sen. Perdue: Trump Is Our Only Shot To Shake Up Washington'
    Sep 15, '16
  • Bruce Carter: 'Blacks Have Been Tricked for So Long; Especially Democrats In The South'
    Sep 13, '16
  • Michael Goodwin: The Mainstream Media Refuse To Admit They Were Lied To About Hillary Clinton's Health
    Sep 13, '16
  • Costa: Why did Hillary Clinton lie about her health and is this lack of transparency?
    Sep 12, '16
  • Larry Kudlow: 'Trump Has A Plan For Prosperity, Hillary's Plan Will Put Us Back In Recession'
    Sep 9, '16
  • Rep. Chaffetz: Possibility of classified satellite images in Hillary's e-mails, thousands more still to come
    Sep 9, '16
  • Judge Gonzales: 'Watching Hillary At The Forum Was Painful'
    Sep 8, '16
  • Deroy Murdock: 'The Clinton's Are Just The Other Side Of The Mob'
    Sep 7, '16
  • Reagan Biographer: 'The Mexico Trip Is A New Launching Pad For Trump; He Needs To Stay On Message & Push The Agenda'
    Sep 1, '16
  • Trump: 'Hillary Moves Slow On Everything & We Will Have Softening On Immigration'
    Sep 1, '16
  • Gov. Pence: Trump's visit with the Mexican president is 'the beginning of a conversation'
    Aug 31, '16
  • Sowell: 'Welcomes Trump For Reaching Out To African Americans; The NAACP Doesn't Own The Black Community'
    Aug 30, '16