The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast

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  • Dr. Oskoui explains how Obama is affecting our health care system
    Jan 28, '15
  • Jonah Goldberg explains Obama's real strategy and which Republican can win in 2016
    Jan 28, '15
  • Craig Shirley: Dismisses any attempt to claim the Reagan mantle
    Jan 27, '15
  • Kevin Costner: The new film "Black or White"
    Jan 27, '15
  • Sen. Sessions blasts Jeb Bush and the McCaul Bill on immigration amnesty
    Jan 26, '15
  • Raymond Arroyo: Importance of the Pro-Life movement with Governor Bobby Jindal
    Jan 22, '15
  • Col. Allen West: The administration is not looking out for the troops or the American worker
    Jan 16, '15
  • Bob Baer warns about the coming crisis
    Jan 15, '15
  • Democratic pollster: We are all ashamed by Obama's no-show in Paris.
    Jan 13, '15
  • Sen. Hoeven: Illegals will take Keystone jobs
    Jan 12, '15
  • Rick Santorum's overview on the Establishment and 2016
    Jan 9, '15
  • Gingrich: Weighs in on rise of Islam in Paris and future of the GOP
    Jan 8, '15
  • Rep. Huelskamp criticizes Boehner on re-election
    Jan 7, '15
  • Scott Walker criticizes GOP for lack of leadership
    Jan 6, '15
  • Rep. Bridenstine leads effort to vote Boehner out of office
    Jan 5, '15
  • What is the saddest Christmas song?
    Dec 19, '14
  • What were the biggest stories of 2014?
    Dec 19, '14
  • Ted Cruz: It's no accident that Obama Cuba policy comes right after GOP's CRomnibus bill
    Dec 18, '14
  • Obamas Are Offended By Being Mistaken Working Americans
    Dec 17, '14
  • Ingraham Invites Jeb Bush To Come On Show To Defend His Brand of Conservatism
    Dec 16, '14