The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast

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  • Axelrod: 'Wikileaks Releases Are Embarrassing & Crude For Hillary; Don't Think It Changes Voters Decision'
    Oct 24, '16
  • Pat Caddell: 'I Have Never Seen The Media Say It's Over This Early In A General Election'
    Oct 24, '16
  • Sen. Jeff Sessions reacts to Donald Trump's debate performance.
    Oct 20, '16
  • Andrew Sabin: If you want a Republican House, Senate, and a conservative SCOTUS, Trump comes with the package - you have to support him
    Oct 19, '16
  • Dennis Prager slams Republicans for not getting behind Trump, discusses YouTube censoring PragerU videos.
    Oct 18, '16
  • Ed Rollins: 'The Bush Wing Of The Republican Party Is Definitely Gone; It Will Not Be Coming Back'
    Oct 18, '16
  • James O'Keefe: 'Democrat Operatives Boast About Provoking Violence at Trump Events'
    Oct 18, '16
  • Professor Supporting Trump: 'Students Should Keep Their Mouth Shut When They Don't Know The Issues'
    Oct 17, '16
  • Trump Economic Advisor: 'Hillary's Camp Keeps Setting Trump Up; He Needs To Stop Taking The Bait'
    Oct 17, '16
  • Eric Metaxas: There's blood on the hands of Democrats for voting in favor of abortion
    Oct 14, '16
  • DiGenova: 'Comey Is A Dirty Cop; Threw The Hillary Case For Political Reasons'
    Oct 13, '16
  • Bob Costa: 'Trump Has Many Challenges Within His Own Party; Outsider Running Against Washington Corruption'
    Oct 11, '16
  • D'Souza: 'The Current Republicans Created Trump; Why They Selected Trump Became Obvious In The 2nd Debate'
    Oct 11, '16
  • Rep. King on Call with Speaker Ryan: 'No One Defended His Position On Trump'
    Oct 11, '16
  • Dan Henninger: 'Trump On Offense Despite The Video Released; Turned Attack on Hillary & Rattled Her'
    Oct 10, '16
  • Paul Ryan: 'Will Stand Together With Trump On Stage At WI Rally To Show GOP Unity'
    Oct 7, '16
  • Mother Robinson scolds Laura for not appreciating Michelle Obama's garden.
    Oct 6, '16
  • Tucker Carlson: 'Politico Is A Parody; Almost Pure Propaganda On What They Want The Outcome Of The Election To Be'
    Oct 6, '16
  • Trump Adviser Peter Navarro: 'Bad Trade Deal Hillary' Is a 'Pathological Liar like Her Husband'
    Oct 4, '16
  • Helen Aguirre Ferre: 'Latinos Want Jobs; The Democrats Failed The Hispanic Community'
    Oct 3, '16