The Muscle for Life Podcast with Mike Matthews

If you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve energy levels or health, or just generally look and feel better, you've come to the right place. You’re about to learn exactly how to eat, train, and rest to get bigger (or thinner, if you’re a woman!), leaner, and stronger than ever before...and how to do…
  • Jeff Alberts on how to get and stay fit at any age
    Nov 25, '16
  • Interview with Sohee Lee on important fitness habits & mindsets
    Nov 11, '16
  • Interview with Andrea Valdez on how to find a coach worth hiring
    Oct 27, '16
  • Interview with Lyle McDonald on how women can improve fat loss
    Oct 14, '16
  • Eric Helms on the science of preparing for a natural bodybuilding show
    Sep 30, '16
  • How Lisa transformed her physique & doubled her strength in 9 months
    Sep 16, '16
  • MFL Podcast 94: Live Q&A: Concurrent training, vegetarian muscle building, refeeding, and more…
    Aug 26, '16
  • MFL Podcast 93: Dr. Matt Fontaine on the easiest ways to prevent injury & optimize performance
    Aug 12, '16
  • Mark Rippetoe on the good, bad and ugly of sport training
    Jul 29, '16
  • Mark Rippetoe on training for strength vs. "aesthetics"
    Jul 15, '16
  • NYT bestselling author John Romaniello on living our hero's journey
    Jul 2, '16
  • Interview with author and trainer Mike Vacanti from
    Jun 7, '16
  • Live Q&A: Third party lab testing, new digital courses, street workouts, and more…
    May 20, '16
  • All about body fat percentage - how to measure, what's healthy & not, & more...
    Apr 29, '16
  • Which "muscle building supplements" work and which don't?
    Apr 8, '16
  • How Jordan lost 50 pounds and gained muscle and strength
    Mar 18, '16
  • Live Q&A: Muscle imbalances, gym pet peeves, barbell vs dumbbell, & more...
    Mar 11, '16
  • Ru Anderson on how to master your habits (and thus your life)
    Mar 4, '16
  • Tips for teen weightlifting and bodybuilding (age, diet, training, do's and dont's, etc.)
    Feb 26, '16
  • Why most multivitamins are crap (and how to know what isn't)
    Feb 19, '16