The Muscle for Life Podcast with Mike Matthews

If you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve energy levels or health, or just generally look and feel better, you've come to the right place. You’re about to learn exactly how to eat, train, and rest to get bigger (or thinner, if you’re a woman!), leaner, and stronger than ever before...and how to do…
  • Cutting calories when cutting, late-night carbs, training & soreness, & more...
    Mar 18, '15
  • New & cuts...and clinically effective trolling
    Mar 12, '15
  • Interview with author and scientist Brad Schoenfeld
    Mar 5, '15
  • How to build muscle and lose fat at the same time
    Feb 18, '15
  • Interview with Andrew Steele from DNAFit
    Feb 11, '15
  • Reader Q&A 6: Tendons and ligaments and lifting, cutting and strength loss, shady supplements, and more...
    Feb 4, '15
  • How to prevent and overcome setbacks due to sickness, injury, time off, etc.
    Jan 26, '15
  • Holiday "damage report," why I don't like "slow cutting," and more...
    Jan 14, '15
  • Why I'm not on steroids, a "day in the life," and more...
    Dec 17, '14
  • Reader Q&A Part 5: Whole body recovery, cardio and muscle preservation, macro "flexibility," and more...
    Dec 10, '14
  • Training and diet mistakes that stick you in a rut and the power of "mini-habits"
    Dec 3, '14
  • Reader Q&A Part 4: Flexible dieting tips, lifting and cardio, and female training
    Nov 19, '14
  • Interview with Jimmy Smith on how to train for sports
    Nov 12, '14
  • Interview with Sohee Lee on metabolic adaptation, reverse dieting, and more...
    Nov 4, '14
  • Reader Q&A Part 3: Reverse pyramid training, genetic potential, organic food, and more...
    Oct 29, '14
  • MFL Podcast 29: Navy SEAL Mark Divine on cultivating mental toughness and the will to win
    Oct 29, '14
  • MFL Reader Q & A Part 2: Sleep needs, future of MFL and Legion, my "past," and more...
    Oct 7, '14
  • Interview with Mark Rippetoe on CrossFit, exercise science, strength potentials, and more...
    Oct 1, '14
  • Q&A Part 1: Body types, family cooking, multivitamin controversy, and more...
    Sep 24, '14
  • Interview with David Esptein on genetics and physical abilities
    Sep 17, '14