The Muscle for Life Podcast with Mike Matthews

If you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve energy levels or health, or just generally look and feel better, you've come to the right place. You’re about to learn exactly how to eat, train, and rest to get bigger (or thinner, if you’re a woman!), leaner, and stronger than ever before...and how to do…
  • When to deload/rest and why
    Sep 23, '15
  • Interview with Ben Coomber on "diet wars," under-recovering, and more...
    Sep 17, '15
  • Live Q and A: Training alone, reverse dieting, mini-cuts, and more...
    Sep 10, '15
  • What's the best workout split?
    Sep 3, '15
  • How much and what types of cardio you should do
    Aug 27, '15
  • Why you're not losing weight
    Aug 20, '15
  • Chip Conley on creating peak experiences in business and life
    Aug 13, '15
  • Chris Walker on natural testosterone boosters
    Aug 6, '15
  • Live Q and A: Muscle:fat bulking expectations, CLA for fat loss, lifting plateaus, and more...
    Jul 30, '15
  • All about abs, belly fat, and bloating
    Jul 23, '15
  • All things diet and meal planning
    Jul 9, '15
  • How often you should change exercises, sitting and your health, and more...
    Jul 3, '15
  • Live Q and A: My upcoming supplements, recovering from injuries, strength vs aesthetics, and more!
    Jun 25, '15
  • How TDEE changes when cutting & health effects of bulk/cut approach
    Jun 18, '15
  • Georgie Fear on habit-based nutrition for staying lean
    Jun 4, '15
  • Monthly Live Q and A with Mike Matthews - May
    May 28, '15
  • Interview with Armi Legge on clean eating, keeping your diet in check, and more!
    May 21, '15
  • Interview with Scott Herman on Tough Mudder, breaking plateaus, and more!
    May 14, '15
  • Interview with Mark Divine on the mental game of getting fit
    May 7, '15
  • Dr. Spencer Nadolsky on testosterone, carbohydrates, and supplements
    Apr 29, '15