TEDTalks (audio)

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. On this feed, you'll find TEDTalks video to inspire, intrigue and stir the imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers, speaking from the stage at TED conferences, TEDx events and partner events around the world. This podcast is also available in high-def video…
  • Alan Eustace: I leapt from the stratosphere. Here's how I did it
    Sep 4, '15
  • Elizabeth Nyamayaro: An invitation to men who want a better world for women
    Sep 1, '15
  • Manuel Lima: A visual history of human knowledge
    Aug 18, '15
  • Alix Generous: How I learned to communicate my inner life with Asperger's
    Aug 17, '15
  • Patience Mthunzi: Could we cure HIV with lasers?
    Aug 14, '15
  • Matt Kenyon: A secret memorial for civilian casualties
    Aug 13, '15
  • eL Seed: Street art with a message of hope and peace
    Jul 23, '15
  • John Green: The nerd's guide to learning everything online
    Jul 22, '15
  • Jon Ronson: When online shaming spirals out of control
    Jul 20, '15
  • Marlene Zuk: What we learn from insects’ kinky sex lives
    Jul 17, '15
  • Salvatore Iaconesi: What happened when I open-sourced my brain cancer
    Jul 16, '15
  • Alec Soth + Stacey Baker: This is what enduring love looks like
    Jul 15, '15
  • Aspen Baker: A better way to talk about abortion
    Jul 14, '15
  • Noy Thrupkaew: Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works
    Jul 13, '15
  • Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong
    Jul 9, '15
  • Memory Banda: A warrior’s cry against child marriage
    Jul 7, '15
  • Rajiv Maheswaran: The math behind basketball's wildest moves
    Jul 6, '15
  • Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Meet the women fighting on the front lines of an American war
    Jul 2, '15
  • Latif Nasser: The amazing story of the man who gave us modern pain relief
    Jul 1, '15
  • Jimmy Carter: Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse 
    Jun 30, '15